Published: Sat, September 16, 2017
Finance | By Loren Pratt

Fuel price hike a deliberate move: Kannanthanam

Fuel price hike a deliberate move: Kannanthanam

Former Petroleum Minister Veerappa Moily described Alphons' statement as "atrocious". The sharp rise in the prices was seen following a surge in global pricing driven by the storms, hurricane causing shut down of refinery capacity in the United States.

Speaking to the media, he stated that government is going to tax people who can afford to pay as it (development) is going to cost an enormous amount of money.

Further justifying the swollen fuel price, he went on to say it was nothing wrong to charge a higher amount to those filling fuel in their vehicle for the goal development.

He further said the taxes collected by the government are being used to improve the poor people's life unlike during the Congress regime. "Hence those using fuel should pay the tax too", Kannanthanam said. "Who buys petrol? Somebody who has a vehicle, bike and certainly he is not starving".

He also justified the price hike by saying the money is being utilised for the welfare of the poor. Petrol is now priced at the highest rate in three years with the rates being revised daily.

Petrol prices in Mumbai rose to its highest since August 2014 to Rs 79.48 per litre and Rs 70.3 per litre in Delhi. He said, "They (tourists) can eat beef in their own country and come here", when asked by a reporter whether restrictions on consumption of beef in several states in the country will adversely affect the hospitality industry. Incidentally, Alphons contradicted himself while making this statement as only days earlier, he had said, "The BJP does not mandate that beef can not be eaten. Numerous ministers in Modi's government are like this".

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