Published: Thu, September 21, 2017
Entertaiment | By Paul Elliott

Hillary takes shots at Trump and Putin

Hillary takes shots at Trump and Putin

Hillary Clinton has been all over the place promoting her new book, "What Happened?" - and on Tuesday night, she stopped by CBS' "Late Show With Stephen Colbert" to chat with the host, one of the most vocal critics of President Donald Trump in the entertainment industry.

Being reminded of a time when Clinton was actually in the running to win is bittersweet, but it's good to know Colbert comes prepared. According to her, the regular clashes evolved into a grudge on the Russian president's part.

"I thought it was very dark, dangerous, not the kind of message that the leader of the greatest nation in the world show be delivering", she said. That comes amid complaints that she's too focused on re-litigating the election, because whatever Hillary Clinton does, it's wrong. Trump has vowed that he will not allow North Korea to obtain a nuclear weapon capable of striking the USA, pointedly refusing to take military action off the table.

Gross pressed the former first lady and Democratic candidate on whether that meant she would "completely rule out questioning the legitimacy of this election if we learn that the Russian interference in the election is even deeper than we know now".

"I would say things like, 'The Russian people deserve to have free and fair elections".

"Then he said to me, 'Would your husband like to come?'" Clinton recalled.

The culmination of that tour was the release of her book, "What Happened", in which she describes in detail just who and what contributed to her political demise.

It was a friendly, unchallenging environment for Clinton, as Colbert has been open about his criticisms of Trump, who has been the target of jokes in Colbert's nightly monologue.

Putin also has a habit, Clinton said, of "manspreading", that is, spreading his arms and legs to take up maximum room.

Clinton blamed her inability to get along with Putin on - wait for it - the fact that Putin is a sexist.

Clinton predicted future attempts to influence American elections, as well. As the audience laughed, she added, "I am not going anywhere".

"There were a few other things", Clinton said, as she picked up her wineglass "But this helped".

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