Published: Thu, September 21, 2017
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Ivanka Trump meets Sushma Swaraj, calls her charismatic foreign minister

Ivanka Trump meets Sushma Swaraj, calls her charismatic foreign minister

Congress party vice-president Rahul Gandhi, who is in the U.S. on a two-week-long tour, held a series of meetings, including a roundtable with eminent Indian and South Asian experts hosted by the Center for American Progress (CAP), as part of Congress's strategy to attract NRIs support.

In her meeting with the UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the two sides discussed measures to attract more foreign direct investment from the UAE into India.

In her meeting with the Denmark Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen, a discussion was held on when to hold the next meeting of the joint commission.

The meeting, Swaraj's first with India's neighbouring country, gains significance in view of the recent Doklam standoff with China.

The Indian Ministry of External Affairs has announced that they will be conducting an investigation into potential links between India's rival Pakistan and the North Korean nuclear programs, promising to "hold accountable" those who have assisted North Korea's nuclear ambitions.

With leaders of over 100 countries converging with their entourage in NY to deliver a speech to for the 193-member body UN General Assembly, it's a nightmare for traffic all over the city this time of the year, but President's Trump's vehement declaration to "totally destroy" North Korea if it doesn't denuclearize, would have stopped traffic anyway, if motorists were able to listen to his debut speech, delivered on Tuesday.

Kumar further said the minister delivered her address at the NAM ministerial meeting on Palestine and also spoke at leadership summit on the environment pact, which was presided over by the President of France.

Sushma to meet Tillerson in New York

In addition to proliferation, the three leaders discussed the issue of maritime security and connectivity.

Ms.Swaraj also deplored North Korea's recent actions and stated that its proliferation linkages must be explored and those involved be held accountable, Kumar said.

On another front, India will support broad reform initiatives suggested by President Donald Trump and the Secretary General of united nations.

At the tri-lateral meet between the leader of the three countries, Swaraj discussed nuclear proliferation and maritime security with United States and Japan, the media quoted spokesperson Ravish Kumar as saying.

Akbaruddin said that the foreign minister can also take solar energy programs prominently, which is Modi's priority to fight the problem of climate change.

Recalling that the NAM Committee on Palestine was set up during India's chairmanship of the Movement in 1983, Sushma Swaraj said that New Delhi's commitment to the Palestinian cause and solidarity with the Palestinian people "can never be undermined". "The idea is to maximise her meetings with other leaders and that is what we are trying to do".

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