Published: Wed, September 20, 2017
Entertaiment | By Paul Elliott

Marilyn Manson reveals texts Justin Bieber sent him about their 'beef'

Marilyn Manson reveals texts Justin Bieber sent him about their 'beef'

Manson ripped apart Bieber in a recent interview with effect of Sound, and subsequently heard back from the pop star.

This morning, the rocker was asked about his beef with the "Sorry" singer, which stemmed from Bieber recently making and sporting a t-shirt with Manson's face on it. ICYMI: Manson said he ran into Biebs at a bar and told him he thought it was "cool" of Justin to wear the top.

This morning, in an interview with Howard Stern, Manson recalled (among other things) a series of text messages that he exchanged with Bieber after the press started gobbling up the conflict. "Bro it's Bieber, what's up with this article?" They read: 'I thought we had a pretty pleasant interaction. "Anyway, regardless, it kind of stung seeing that if I came off as an asshole or even just was an asshole I'm sorry".

Manson explained in reply to Bieber that his original comments had been "exaggerated", responding in a text: "You were just being you".

Manson told Stern: "He sassed me and he apologized, and I said I wouldn't s**t talk him, so I'm not going to s**t talk him". People just made that shirt stuff into a fake feud.

He also suggested they should "fuck the press and do something together" - which will probably form the most weird collaboration in recent memory. It will be the best.

'And don't apologize. You weren't an a**hole.

"And he told me that Trent wanted to get in contact with me and gave me his number and I talked to him and he told me that he had the masters still". We live in weird times, friends.

Marilyn Manson's new album, Heaven Upside Down, is set to debut on September 29. Just want you to know that", Stern said reading parts of a text from Bieber, who later added: "I don't really care about the media. Manson, sensing an opportunity to do the thing he loves the most - mess with people - texted back: "We are cool". Again, my bad. If I was an assh-, that wasn't my intention. Justin's team claimed that they were given permission to use it, but Manson denied that such a conversation took place, telling effect of Sound that he was "wearing the shirt that had his name on [Manson's] shirt" and he said to Manson, 'I made you relevant again'. "I wasn't out to get you".

Manson read out the text messages he received from Bieber during Stern's show.

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