Published: Mon, September 18, 2017
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Rat poison mixed in water at madrassa in India

Rat poison mixed in water at madrassa in India

In a shocking development, attempts to poison the drinking water at a madrasa run by the wife of former Vice President of India, Hamid Ansari, in Aligarh have been foiled.

When he asked them what they were doing, one of them told him to keep quiet. A student, Afzal studying in Class 7 caught the miscreants red-handed when they were trying to mix rat poison, and alerted the staff.

Salma Ansari, chairperson of Al Noor Charitable Society, which runs the madarsa, condemned the act.

The Madrassa Chacha Nehru, headed by Salma Ansari, was housing around 4000 students but fortunately, no untoward incident happened.

According to a report published in the Times of India, a student of Madrassa spotted two men mixing some tablet-like material in the water tanks.

"The child then alerted the warden". The Madrasa, run by Salma Ansari, has over 3,600 students.

She added that the madrassa would be instaling CCTVs on campus. One of the men allegedly threatened the boy with a gun before the two escaped. The police also said that the water cooler has been sealed and the samples have been sent to the Forensic Lab for testing. He said that there is a necessity to ensure the security of the madrassas as they could easily become targets of extremists in order to fuel communal tension. Afzal said when the duo left, he picked up the wrappers and informed the warden about the incident. Chief medical officer at Aligarh's J N Medical College, Dr Ehtisham Ahmad, said that though rat poison can't prove fatal to human beings until it is mixed with an anticoagulant (substance that prevents or reduces coagulation of blood), it could have made the students sick. He, however, said that he was not aware about the quantity of rat poison dose added into the water.

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