Published: Thu, October 12, 2017
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Amid Catalan crisis, Spain marks national day with show of unity

Amid Catalan crisis, Spain marks national day with show of unity

The Generalitat can not assume the October 1´s results because that was an illegal and fraudulent act, he stressed in reference to the sovereign consultation, banned by the TC at the request of Rajoy administration.

Here is the status of the standoff between the affluent, industrial region of Catalonia and the central Spanish government in Madrid.

Catalan officials say nearly 90% of voters backed independence with a turnout of 43%. Videos of police pulling voters out by their hair and kicking them on stairs flashed around the world.

In a first reaction, the Spanish government's Vice President, Soraya Saenz de Santamaria, strongly rejected the dialogue offer by the Generalitat and left the doors open to take exceptional measures.

About 2.3 million Catalans, or 43 per cent of the electorate in the wealthy northeastern region, voted in the referendum.

Puigdemont said last night that he accepted the "mandate of the people" for secession from Spain, but asked the Catalan parliament to suspend the decision, in order to give more time for negotiations with Madrid. No one seems eager to recognize Catalonia, including the European Union. In a role led exclusively by a coat of arms of Generalitat and slogan ' Declaration of representatives of Catalonia ', text ensures that "constitutes Catalan republic, as an independent and sovereign State, of law, democratic and social".

Many Catalans have long highlighted the region's differences from the rest of Spain but the latest surge for independence began in 2010, when Spain's top court struck down key parts of a charter that would have granted Catalonia greater autonomy and recognized it as a nation within Spain.

It's not clear what might happen if Catalonia does actually try to secede.

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy on Wednesday gave Catalonia's separatist leader five days to clarify his position on whether or not he was declaring independence, a government source said. This requirement is prior and obliged to implementation of any of measures that Executive may adopt under article 155 of Constitution.

A split raises dozens of questions with no answers yet.

Carne Ross, who as founder of the diplomatic consultancy Independent Diplomat has worked with Kosovo, South Sudan, Western Sahara and Catalonia on their respective bids for sovereignty, said there would be no solution to the crisis without a legal plebiscite agreed to by Madrid.

Lauren Frayer, reporting for NPR from Barcelona, spoke to graduate student Eugenio Juliá, who "is paying close attention because he's anxious the terms of his grad school scholarship might change if Catalonia leaves Spain and the European Union", Frayer says. To get back in, it would have to re-apply - a lengthy and uncertain process.

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