Published: Thu, October 12, 2017
IT | By Lester Massey

Andromeda is heading to EA and Origin Access

Andromeda is heading to EA and Origin Access

EA has laid out the goodies coming to its twin subscription services EA Access and Origin Access today, and most notable amongst them is the addition of sci-fi RPG Mass Effect: Andromeda to the vault of free games. Dead Space 3 will also be added, but only for EA Access. One of the games that will be in the vault is a game that was released earlier this year and another one is an Xbox 360 game that members have been wanting to see on the service for a while.

Dead Space 3's arrival, meanwhile, is notable largely because it means that the entire Dead Space trilogy is finally available on-demand, giving you the flawless opportunity to witness the series' disappointing decline, from sterling horror to bland action, first-hand.

Subscribers will also be getting "Play first" trials for Need for Speed Payback and Star Wars Battlefront II, giving them a chance to give these games a go before dropping full price on them.

Mass Effect: Andromeda - You're the Pathfinder, the leader of a squad of explorers, and it's your job to find a home for humanity in the alien Andromeda Galaxy. Top of the pile is Star Wars: Battlefront 2, followed by a 10-hour pre-launch Play First Trial of Need for Speed: Payback.

EA did not disclose when exactly will these games and trials be available for subscribers, only that they will land before December this year. EA Access is the name for the service on Xbox One, while Origin Access is the name of the PC version of the service. The complete list of games now available for the programs can be seen here.

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