Published: Thu, October 12, 2017
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Bay Area teams pledge $450000 for fire relief efforts

Bay Area teams pledge $450000 for fire relief efforts

Air quality before 7 a.m. Tuesday was rated as moderate in Gilroy, Concord and Livermore.

According to officials, the smoke is the result of a wind shift that is pushing smoke from the Bay area fires, and a couple of prescribed burns in Madera County, into the Fresno area. "PM2.5 is so small, about 1/30 the width of a human hair, that it can penetrate deep into the lungs". Parents and school administrators must check air quality readings before letting children practice outdoor sports while air quality is unhealthy. "It will probably hit the central valley and the East Bay tonight and tomorrow." said Thomas Hall, Sacramento Air Quality Management. The blazes are sending a cloud of ash and smoke over the bay, threatening residents with polluted air.

Because of the serious air quality conditions we are asking residents to avoid adding additional air pollution activities such as wood burning, lawn mowing, leaf blowing, driving, and barbecuing.

It is also strongly suggested to you rethink physically-intensive activities like outdoor exercise. It also predicted "unhealthy" for Thursday as well.

San Francisco hospitals are already receiving patients in their emergency rooms, complaining of respiratory issues likely related to the smoke, said Rachael Kagan, of the San Francisco Department of Health. Anyone exposed to poor air quality or wildfire smoke should move inside to an air-conditioned environment.

Children, the elderly and people with respiratory conditions are the most sensitive to the pollution and should take extra precautions, according to the air district.

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