Published: Thu, October 12, 2017
Research | By Raquel Erickson

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Shines Up Dust 2 Map

Now that the Dust II remake is confirmed, it's time for the CS:GO community to speculate what changes Valve created during the map's nine-month hiatus from the Active Duty map pool.

Dust2 has been around since Counter-Strike 1.1, and the version now in CS:GO is based around the Source revision.

Valve made the announcement via a tweet.

Jump over to the official Counter-Strike blog via the link below for more details on how you can try out the new CS:GO Dust 2 map. In that light, the beta update should arrive in the next couple of weeks. The last game update was October 5, which consisted of small, additional changes to the molotov-smoke bug fix.

A new version of Dust2 will be ready for testing in the next beta depot, and the team have even provided a snazzy look at the upcoming rework.

The new update aimed to retain the same tactical map that was so loved by the community but gives it a much-needed facelift.

Here's what Valve said about one change to bomb site A, where the broken-down cars in that area have been merged into one.

The prolonged absence of one of the most iconic maps made players speculate that similar to Nuke and Inferno, Dust 2 may be revamped before making a comeback. Until then, players can enjoy the current version of Dust 2.

To continue the map updating cycle, Valve will remove another map when Dust 2 returns to competitive play.

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