Published: Fri, October 13, 2017
IT | By Lester Massey

Google Assistant can now control Chromecasts from your phone

Google Assistant can now control Chromecasts from your phone

Google has announced that it is adding the functionality to start a video call directly from a call or text messages on the phone, as well as from contacts and Android Messaging apps. This will be achieved by placing direct links within your Phone, Contact, and Messages apps.

The company wants to make video calling from Android device "an integrated part of your phone", which is getting a helping hand from its Duo app.

If they don't, the only way they can chat with each other face-to-face is if their carrier supports ViLTE (Video over LTE). It sounds a bit complicated at the moment, but could become clearer as time goes on.

If you are more interested in the updated Google Camera, I'm sorry to say that it looks like you'll need a Google device to make it work. So, be on the lookout if you are not already using one of those phones mentioned here. In other cases, including if only one person is on ViLTE, Google Duo is used to connect the video call to other Google Duo users.

With this update, you can soon command "skip", "pause", or "resume". With this integration, you will be able to make video calls in addition to being able to make voice calls.

That being said, with cheap data rates, people are making the most out of video calling services today. It's a very useful feature that really plays to the strengths of the Chromecast platform, but it's been unfortunate that it couldn't be used by Android devices.

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