Published: Fri, October 06, 2017
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Las Vegas shooting sparks outcries for gun control

Las Vegas shooting sparks outcries for gun control

In what is being called the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history, early news reports said the gunman killed more than 50 people outside of a Las Vegas casino-hotel.

It is especially after incidents like Las Vegas shooting that you think something will finally change, but historically, it hasn't.

There are all kinds of reasons Congress, and most states, never do anything to reform gun laws, from the considerable electoral clout and political access of the NRA to lawmakers' cozy relationships with gun manufacturers to personal ideology.

The Las Vegas massacre, like other mass shootings in recent years, is amplifying Democrats' cries that such tragedies - as well the high rate of inner city shootings - will continue unless laws are tightened.

"My heart goes out to the victims, their families, the first responders, and the entire Las Vegas community".

House Republicans are scheduled to vote on a bill this week that would loosen restrictions on gun silencers. Giffords and her husband were planning to praise Northam for supporting "responsible gun violence prevention policies" at a series of roundtable discussions in northern Virginia. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., made a speech from the Senate floor in which he said, that before Trump ran for office as a Republican, he "was for certain sane, rational, limited aspects of gun control".

She added in a later tweet, "Prayers are important but @speakerRyan @realDonaldTrump blood is on the hands of those who have power to legislate".

Following the Las Vegas shooting, in which a retiree murdered 59 people and wounded more than 500 when he sprayed a festival crowd with gunfire, gun-control groups and several Democrats warned that the measure would only make it more hard to locate such shooters.

But what questions have been researched by private institutions like the Harvard Injury Control Research Center show a clear connection between gun ownership, gun availability, homicides, and violent death. Enough. Congress & the WH should act now to save lives.

Asked if he was politicizing the Vegas shooting, Kelly asked, "If not now, when?"

"We ask our Republican colleagues to pick from the smorgasbord of options available to you", he said at an event with anti-gun groups.

The Las Vegas shooting on Sunday night, in which at least 59 people were killed and more than 500 wounded, has rekindled the debate on gun control laws in the US.

As I reported for Mother Jones two weeks ago, Republicans in Congress have been quietly advancing a bill that would deregulate gun silencers, removing them from the list of weapons and accessories heavily regulated by the National Firearms Act of 1934.

Earlier during the press conference, Ryan was pressed on whether he regrets passing legislation that President Trump signed making it easier for people with mental illness to buy guns. "What happened is, in many ways, a miracle", Trump said. Suppressors minimize the noise and flash produced by firing a gun, allowing shooters to disguise their location.

"Everyone is jumping to conclusions without having a full set of information", he said. More than 40% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents say they own a gun while just 20% of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents say the same.

Some California officials didn't hesitate to lay blame on the gun industry and their supporters.

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