Published: Wed, October 25, 2017
Research | By Raquel Erickson

Microsoft Stops Manufacturing The Kinect

Microsoft Stops Manufacturing The Kinect

The idea that people could use their bodies to interact with games in a natural and fun way seemed like it had some real potential; but after a strong launch, Kinect just never really took off. It quickly faded, however, as customers sought a traditional gaming experience.

The news comes from Co.Design, who dove into the device with Kinect creator Alex Kipman and Xbox Devices Marketing general manager Matthew Lapsen. Kinect technology is also being used in laptops that ship with Windows Hello cameras for facial recognition.

We doubt anybody is going to be shedding any tears over the fact, but the Kinect dream is now officially over. Microsoft confirms that manufacture of the Kinect has ceased and it will not return after retailers sell out of stock, but its sensor and influence will live on.

Microsoft has said that it'll continue to offer customer support for Kinect in the meantime, which despite its sad ending actually sold around 35 million units since its release. "And like all product launches, you monitor that over time, you learn and adjust". Support for both devices will continue, Fast Company reported, "but ongoing developer tools remain unclear", according to Microsoft. Microsoft is already working on Kinect V5 to power the HoloLens. Back in 2013, Apple acquired the Israeli company PrimeSense, which developed the 3D tracking technology that Microsoft licensed for the original Kinect accessory for the Xbox 360.

Even Apple's iPhone X is benefitting from Kinect. The Face ID sensor on the iPhone X is nearly like a mini version of the Kinect camera. For those in New York City, Microsoft will be giving away a Samsung QLED 4K TV and some Xbox gear at the event.

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