Published: Sun, October 01, 2017
Entertaiment | By Paul Elliott

Miley Cyrus packs out honky-tonk for release of new album

Miley Cyrus packs out honky-tonk for release of new album

Miley Cyrus is embracing her Nashville roots! Fans got a real treat when she chose to launch her new album "Younger Now" with a live performance at a Tootsie's Orchid Lounge, a favorite honkey tonk. Watch Cyrus sing "The Climb" and stream her new album below.

All in all, an epic showing for Cyrus on her home turf, and an oh-so-appropriate coming out party for the songs of Younger Now.

During an interview this weekend, the singer and coach of The Voice spoke out about her upcoming plans to marry her actor fiancé and revealed that she simply isn't motivated to walk down the aisle quite yet.

"Allowing them to mean something to me, even though I have grown past them in a way", Miley explained.

She told stories behind the songwriting and inspirations, such as wanting to normalize bisexuality on the song "She's Not Him".

As an artist who constantly reinvents her persona, Cyrus declares on the title track that, "No one stays the same". Many of her fans admire her for her creativity and fresh style. Her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus was there to support her.

"My dad inspired this record a lot", she said. But Cyrus has truly broken the mold on who she is and what she represents.

Did you know that Nashville, TN is Miley Cyrus' hometown?

But her father said he was immensely proud of Cyrus and her willingness to be herself and stand up for issues that were important to her.

The singer likewise invested some energy with her mother, Tish, before making that big appearance with her father, Billy Ray, for a two part harmony of "These Boots Were Made for Walking".

The party was thrown on Friday night, by the streaming service Spotify.

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