Published: Wed, October 11, 2017
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Mugabe to reshuffle cabinet next week

Mugabe to reshuffle cabinet next week

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe's cabinet reshuffle quashed opposition within his government, state media said Tuesday, as the 93-year-old leader prepares to stand again in elections next year.

Mr Chinamasa, who was away in the United States on government business when the reshuffle was announced, is considered a key ally of the VP.

Among those reassigned were former Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa who will now head the new Cyber Security, Threat Detection and Mitigation Ministry, and former Tourism Minister Walter Mzembi who has now assumed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Grace has publicly called on her husband to name a successor, ratcheting up tensions with Mnangagwa, a regime loyalist who has been widely tipped to succeed Mugabe.

Reports say Grace Mugabe departed from a prepared speech at an event in Harare to attack Mr Mnangagwa. She is the new Minister of Youth Development, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment and she said she will do her best to fulfill her mandate as laid by President Mugabe's vision.

While the President said the reshuffle was meant to layoff non-performing ministers, many belief the internecine factional fights within his party are the main reason for the reshuffle.

President Mugabe, always master at playing his card close to his chest, this week plunged his ministers into panic mode after announcing of an imminent cabinet reshuffle.

Three other ministers regarded members of a faction that supports the VP to take over from President Mugabe, were fired.

Mugabe on Saturday warned of the reshuffle, saying it was targeted at underperformers, although there was strong belief within Zanu PF circles that he wanted to get rid of Mnangagwa's allies.

The row comes after Mr Mnangagwa claimed that he was poisoned in August.

The paper castigated ministers for "squabbling" as in-fighting intensifies between rivals competing to succeed Mugabe, who has ruled since 1980 and is in increasingly frail health.

"The reshuffle is to deal with the factional and succession politics within the ruling ZANU-PF party", Bulawayo-based analyst Dumisani Mpofu told AFP.

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