Published: Wed, October 11, 2017
IT | By Lester Massey

Nintendo made a delightful live-action music video starring Super Mario

Nintendo made a delightful live-action music video starring Super Mario

Only the kingdoms that have been officially named by Nintendo in released trailers will.

The trailer doesn't have much as far as new content goes, save for some new controllable cap things, but jeez does it say a lot about Super Mario Odyssey's tone.

Mario may be trying to stop Bowser yet again in Super Mario Odyssey, but this may be the first game where Mario is actually having fun on the journey there. Beware that Ninty's hosts are not to everyone's taste... It also revealed an assist mode for younger gamers which is great news for families. Nintendo is also releasing a Super Mario Odyssey-themed Nintendo Switch carry case. The finalists had to play three different challenges taken from the single player campaign, which included puzzle solving and a boss fight with plenty gameplay elements on display. The answer, according to a new Super Mario Odyssey trailer, would be a riff on very New York-y Broadway musicals, complete with a dancing troupe in grey suits and fedoras. Watch 10 minutes of gameplay in the video below.

The song has been a key component of Nintendo's marketing material ever since the platform holder unveiled the game back in January earlier this year at its Switch preview presentation, but now the song, "Jump Up, Super Star" has been remade in live action.

YouTube commenter Sam Muir6 said it best when he described the video as "Super Mario La La Land".

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