Published: Sat, October 14, 2017
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

North Korea Refuses to Negotiate

North Korea Refuses to Negotiate

North Korea again threatened on Friday October 13th 2017 with firing missiles near the American island of Guam at Washington's military deployment in the region, the same day that the United States and Seoul announced new naval maneuvers in waters off the Korean peninsula.

North Korea has stated that its leader, Kim Jong Un's hand is "closer to the trigger" to unleash a "salvo of missile" against the US territory of Guam.

Of all voters, 65 percent say the USA should negotiate with North Korea diplomatically, while 29 percent say it's a waste of time.

Kim Jong-un's regime hit back today saying the war drill "hardened our determination that the United States should be tamed with fire".

The U.S. -South Korea drill involves the aircraft carrier, the USS Ronald Reagan, slated to begin Monday in the waters east and west of South Korea.

Guam is a major military hub and home to USA bombers that periodically fly missions over the divided Korean Peninsula. The North Korean government views them as a dress rehearsal for an invasion - even as the U.S. insists they are purely defensive in nature.

To celebrate the anniversary of Russia-North Korea diplomatic relations, which dates back to the Soviet era, a TASS delegation was allowed into the country.

The article ended with a familiar warning: that the U.S. would be exclusively responsible for "pushing the situation on the peninsula to the point of explosion".

Thousands of USA military personnel remain stationed on the island.

Although they did not meet with Kim Jong-un, an interview with Ri-the former commanding general of the North Korean military-is considered the next-best opportunity.

It said in a statement, "The DPRK's toughest counteractions include a warning not only to the USA, which gravely threatens the former's rights to sovereignty and existence, but also to Japan which acts rashly, toeing the US line, without knowing what would happen to itself".

The maneuvers are meant to reinforce the "communications, interoperability and cooperation" between the two armies in the face of North Korea's weapons development.

Today's fresh threat was published in North Korean state media, according to CNN's Will Ripley who shared the statement on Twitter. "Let's hope that diplomacy works", the chief of staff said. He said there was already "great concern" about Americans living in Guam.

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