Published: Fri, October 13, 2017
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Paris to Ban Gas-Powered Vehicles a Decade Ahead of Schedule

Paris to Ban Gas-Powered Vehicles a Decade Ahead of Schedule

In the future, the noise of vehicle engines revving around the streets of Paris might become just a memory.

"We are seeing a revolution in terms of mobility and on the issue of climate", Christophe Nadjovski, Paris deputy mayor in charge of transport and public space, told France Info Radio on Tuesday. Today, the Evening Standard reports that Parisian authorities announced plans to ban all combustion-engine cars, including those powered by gasoline, from the city's roads by the year 2030.

The French capital, which will host the Olympic games in the summer of 2024 and was host city for the latest worldwide pact on policies to tame global warming, had already been eyeing an end to diesel cars in the capital by the time of that event.

Many Parisians don't own a auto but Hidalgo still has angered many of them with her efforts to make Paris a greener city, notably by adding cycling paths that have slowed vehicle traffic along the Seine River. Paris has also instituted temporary vehicle bans inside the city in response to pollutant levels in the area, causing some irritation from city dwellers who have to commute by auto.

Hidalgo has already implemented a number of measures to reduce air pollution from cars. These concerns have already led Paris to impose temporary driving bans, no-car zones, and restrictions on cars older than 20 years.

After an atmospheric phenomenon known as inversion occurred last March, "the pollution levels in Paris briefly topped those of Beijing", NPR's Eleanor Beardsley reported. The statement added that Paris officials would keep discussing the issue with residents and auto makers in the coming months. A year later, the body measuring air pollution said the move had no significant impact on residents' exposure to carbon emissions across the whole city.

With her plan to take gasoline-powered cars off the roads, Hidalgo wants to go faster than the French government.

Many other cities in the world are considering similar moves and China, the world's biggest polluter after the United States, recently announced that it would soon be seeking to get rid of combustion-engine cars too.

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