Published: Tue, October 17, 2017
Sport | By Wilson Duncan

Quickie reaction: Dolphins upset Falcons, 20-17 a huge win

Quickie reaction: Dolphins upset Falcons, 20-17 a huge win

"But, when we're in conversations there's times when, no, you can't do that. How it ended was a bummer". "But wherever the coverage takes you, there's time where, 'No, you can't do that.' They're going to say, 'He's not going to beat us on this play.' And so then, that might not be the time to do it".

This was the Dolphins' first game in Atlanta since 2009, which was Jones' final year at the University of Georgia before he would come to Miami as a fifth-round pick. Atlanta ran 56 plays on offense against Miami, including just 23 plays in the second half - nine of which came in the two-minute drill at the end of the game. With so many weapons on offense, it's not often that any one player will have to shoulder the load, but Falcons coach Dan Quinn said on Monday he didn't feel like his star receiver was getting the ball enough. The former undrafted free agent played one snap a year ago, but he was pressed into duty when Pouncey suffered a head injury in the first half, and Miami's offense improbably came to life.

Maybe the Falcons are suffering from a bit of a Super Bowl hangover after all? Now, just in time for the visit to New England, that problem has carried over to the 2017 season.

"He's 100 percent our guy", Quinn said. "Those are the ones that ... leave a deeper mark". For the Dolphins that's a hail of points, folks.

The biggest drop in production is at quarterback.

Jay Cutler, criticized by fans and media alike, led two touchdown drives and a field goal drive that put the team ahead with 2:30 to play in the game. They're 12-4 in their past 16 regular-season games, and since Week 3 last season, they've won a franchise record 11 consecutive games decided by seven points or less. Jay Cutler would find Kenny Stills and later Jarvis Landry on both scores.

"I understood we were in field goal range to tie the game", Ryan said.

The interception was Jones' second big play in as many weeks. "We've got the ball going in the right direction". "Don't wait for it, you go aggressive to go get it". Poor tackling has led to longer drives for opponents. Winning the close ones: The Dolphins' magic in close games continues.

But it wouldn't avenge the Super Bowl collapse. "We need more plays and better stops to create more opportunities to make plays". "Yeah, there's a part that's motivation for sure, but it wasn't a driving force for us because for us only to be in the present moment we couldn't keep looking back in the rear-view mirror". "We couldn't do that if we kept replaying a game we can't change".

Asked if he thought Jones had full explosion back coming off the injury, Quinn said, "I did". There were no new significant injuries reported from the Miami game.

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