Published: Thu, October 12, 2017
IT | By Lester Massey

Razer teases it's "biggest unveiling" coming November 1st

Razer teases it's

The event has been announced through the gaming accessory company's Twitter account.

Since Razer purchased Nextbit, rumours started swirling across the internet that Razer may be developing some sort of mobile gaming device. Up until now, we didn't know when exactly the gaming device would get launched.

Razer has officially begun teasing something big, its "biggest unveiling", to be exact. On the website, you may have seen an interesting picture which shows a man holding what appears to be a smartphone or similar device. So, we are not really sure what to expect from the upcoming device.

Razer SVP Tom Moss had also earlier last week tweeted a photo of him with CEO Tan Min Liang, with what looks suspiciously like a phone peeking out of Tan's pocket. How do you think the company lights up the phone, though?

Razer is rumored to have started working on the mobile gaming device from past year.

Razer has become a very popular brand in gaming world with hardware and computers it produces. It's always felt probable that the company was preparing to launch a smartphone, presumably with Android. Back in January 2017, the company had acquired Nextbit, which is mainly known for its cloud storage based Robin smartphone.

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