Published: Fri, October 13, 2017
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Search for croc which took elderly woman

Search for croc which took elderly woman

A MISSING elderly woman is feared to have been killed by a crocodile after cops found possible human remains and a walking stick near a croc-infested creek.

A former neighbour of Mrs Cameron said she had moved to Port Douglas from Canberra, where she had lived most of her life, within the past year in order to be closer to her family.

They were discovered two days after the 79-year-old went missing - just one mile away from her nursing home at Port Douglas in Queensland.

"Because of the proximity of these items and this unknown material located near this creek bank, we can not rule out the possibility of a croc attack".

Forensic testing is being carried out on the remains to determine if they are human.

Ms Wright said she was very upset when she heard Ms Cameron was missing.

"We continue to search that area in the hopes we do find her alive".

The Department of Environment and Heritage Protection are confident of catching the crocodile responsible

Cameron was last seen near an OzCare Aged Care facility at Craiglie on Tuesday afternoon.

"It is my deep regret to inform that following an extensive search and the discovery of certain items as a result of that search, we have the firm belief that my mother Anne Cameron has passed away in tragic circumstances", Eggins said.

Police fear Ms Cameron, who had only been at the facility for a few weeks, may have been taken by a crocodile after becoming disoriented when she wandered into a dense area of bushland.

He said Department of Environment and Heritage Protection officers would patrol the area tonight "in the event that there has been a croc involved in this missing person".

He said reports the woman's clothes had been folded were "inaccurate".

Clothing and a walking stick bearing Mrs Cameron's name had also been found near the river.

Her daughter Isabella Eggins, who has helped police and SES with the three-day search, admitted the family were convinced Ms Cameron was eaten alive.

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