Published: Tue, October 03, 2017
Entertaiment | By Paul Elliott

Singer Aditya Narayan misbehaves at Raipur airport

Singer Aditya Narayan misbehaves at Raipur airport

At one point, Aditya can be seen telling a staff member, "I started abusing you when you said, 'don't abuse, you have no right to abuse.' I can say whatever I want to say".

An eyewitness, who was present during the tiff between television anchor Aditya Narayan and Indigo Airlines staff at the Raipur Airport on Monday opined that celebrities should not misuse their stardom. As per News18, the singer was coming to Mumbai after a performance in Raipur and was carrying excess baggage. "If I don't get your underwear removed, my name is not Aditya Narayan", he said. In the clip, Narayan is seen speaking aggressively with an IndiGo staff member. He was also banned from flying on the flight until he apologised to the airline staff.

IndiGo airlines have released a statement stating that Aditya and his group of five people were carrying excess baggage of 40 kgs and refused to pay the full charge of Rs. 13,000. According to Republic, Aditya was stopped at the airport since his luggage was more than the cabin limit.

They continued, "While making a video, he pointed a finger at the Duty Manager and again used profanity".

On being told that if he continues to misbehave he won't be allowed to travel.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa host Aditya Narayan is known for his wit and charm. The amount to be paid for the carriage of excess baggage came to 13000 INR.

And that he was therefore handed over his boarding pass.

"When politely asked to be civil & not use such language, he started shouting even louder and used abusive words: IndiGo".

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