Published: Fri, October 13, 2017
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Three skydivers killed in 'mid-air collision' in Australia

Three skydivers killed in 'mid-air collision' in Australia

Her parachute became tangled on descent and she crashed into a tree along with her experienced tandem instructor, has reported.

A spokesman for Queensland Ambulance Service said: "Paramedics attended a skydiving accident on Alexander Drive in Mission Beach at 3.30pm today".

"You could see one chute was tangled and it wasn't opening".

"I was just watching him in free fall until he went behind the trees, and that was the last I saw", he said.

Three Australian skydivers died Friday after colliding with each other in the middle of their jumps, authorities said.

Two men aged in their 30s and a woman in her 50s are thought to have collided while skydiving near Cairns in northeastern Australia.

The small Queensland town is popular with tourists due to its close proximity to Great Barrier Reef.

There are reports that three people have died after a skydiving accident near a beach in Brisbane.

'The other two were jumping as a tandem pair: a highly experienced instructor and a customer'.

"It wasn't good to watch".

"The Company extends its deepest sympathies and heartfelt condolences to the individuals and families involved and the broader skydiving community", the statement read. I had my heart in my mouth'. Two of the victims were 34 and 35-year-old males with professional skydiving experience, while the third victim was a 50-year-old female customer of Skydive Australia which operated the dive.

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