Published: Thu, October 12, 2017
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Trends don't affect my choice of films - Aamir Khan

Trends don't affect my choice of films - Aamir Khan

The film stars his "Dangal" co-star Zaira Wasim in the lead role.

"In films, there are two levels of payments that we have. But, if you benefit me as a producer I am ready to pay you more". But if they don't, I am the guy who takes the hit as I get paid in the last. "That's not going to be determined on the basis of sex". "The people who draw crowd are male and it is a result of the patriarchal influence on our society", he said in an interview yesterday. "That's what we describe as stardom".

"We don't see women as heroes". While Aamir said, "He flirts with girls". As a producer, I will want her if she is benefiting my film, gender doesn't matter.

In fact, Aamir was recently asked about the similarities between his character and Malik, but the actor laughed and dodged the question, saying, "Shakti Kumarr is an amalgamation of five musicians from our industry. That could be Salim-Javed as writers and Rahman as a music director". "To change that, it requires a paradigm shift in the minds of people", he added.

"I follow the oldest method, I performing an art and if audience like it, they will give money, and if they don't, they wouldn't shell a penny".

While Aamir's character in the film looks a lot like Nadeem Saifi, one half of composers Nadeem-Shravan, the similarity ends there. "I feel industry doesn't differentiate on the basis of gender". Azad starts crying when he sees my films. Their gender is not important.

Aamir said he is happy the industry has started making more women oriented/centred films.

Aamir at the press event looked dapper in a casual t-shirt, a pair of denims and a black jacket while co-star Zaira looked pretty in a pastel blue shirt with flared sleeves and a pair of white ripped denims.

The news was shared by the official handle of UTV Films, under the banner of which, the historic film "Dangal" was made.

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