Published: Fri, October 13, 2017
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Trump Threatens To Revoke Broadcast Licenses Of Networks That Criticize Him

Trump Threatens To Revoke Broadcast Licenses Of Networks That Criticize Him

Wednesday, President Donald Trump threatened the broadcasting licenses of NBC in a series of tweets.

The request was what reportedly led Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to call Trump a "moron".

Trump's tweet comes after NBC News ran a story citing three anonymous US officials who said Trump wanted to increase the USA nuclear arsenal by almost 10 times. "Not fair to public!"

It isn't clear that Mr Trump would be able to easily revoke broadcast licenses for any of the major networks simply because he disagrees with the content they air, however. "Bad for country!" he added in another tweet.

Second of all, and this is something that you would think a highly intelligent person like Donald Trump would understand, CNN points this out very well, there is no broadcast license for NBC.

Mr Trump's tweet came in response to a story written by NBC, which said that Mr Trump had sought to increase America's nuclear arsenal tenfold after taking a look at a briefing slide that showed steady reduction of the USA nuclear arsenal since the 1960s. During its coverage of the Watergate scandal, President Richard Nixon tried to do the same with the Washington Post Co. And under federal law and the 1st Amendment, those local stations can't lose their licenses unless they run seriously afoul of the commission's rules - none of which deal with the quality or even the fairness of a station's programming. And cable news outlets need no license.

Sunday, Rep Senator Bob Corker tweeted it was "a shame the White House has become an adult day care".

As he careens down a warpath, Trump, with his attack on National Football League player protests and the press, has so far only hit foundation blocks of our democracy- a free press and free speech, enshrined in the First Amendment.

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