Published: Thu, October 12, 2017
Entertaiment | By Paul Elliott

Tyrese Digs Up Old Video To Throw Dirt On The Rock's Name

Tyrese Digs Up Old Video To Throw Dirt On The Rock's Name

"That is time I will never get back", the wrestler-turned-actor added.

Now, we know Universal Studios has chosen to focus on a spin-off film featuring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Jason Statham, who play federal agent Luke Hobbs and assassin Deckard Shaw.

"I'm never going to f-king forgive him for wasting my time", he said in the video.

The Fast And The Furious movies have always had their fair share of drama between characters, and there seems to be a curious case of art imitating life.

"#PSA Congratulations to@TheRock and your brother in law aka 7 bucks producing partner@hhgarcia41 for making the fast and the furious franchise about YOU - And like you, DJ even if they call I will not be deleting this post - Gn folks see you in 2020 April #FastFamily right? I heard the whole thing in my trailer and I've got to say in all's the biggest piece of dog s**t that I have ever heard". That, coupled with Dwayne Johnson's sensationalized history with wrestling, suggests his feud with Tyrese - at least this part of it - could be fake. We have some very exciting news to share soon... stay tuned. "I want to use my spinoff to create new characters that fans will ultimately love to have fun with in multiple chapters and platforms", the actor said.

The now deleted comment didn't go down that well with fans, so Gibson clarified that he has no issue with the movie, just that it creates a conflict with the next Fast and Furious sequel. Film, TV, Digital, Virtual Reality etc. the more opportunities we can create the better for the fans. Now, Tyrese clapped back with yet another shot, posting an old video in which The Rock essentially ripped into Tyrese's "Black Rose" albums, calling it "dogshit".

In the video's caption, Gibson wrote, "Haters come in many forms.In my Kanye voice #BlackRose is one of the greatest R&B Soul Albums of all time". "My vision is to create greater opportunities for not only my fellow FF cast mates, but for other fantastic actors as well who want to be a part of something new and cool". Either way we're ready for the next round of Furious films.

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