Published: Tue, October 10, 2017
Medicine | By Brett Sutton

Woman accused of leaving toddler in hot vehicle while visiting inmate

Woman accused of leaving toddler in hot vehicle while visiting inmate

Etienne told investigators that she had also left a 14-year-old in the vehicle with the toddler, but she later admitted that was untrue after learning there were surveillance cameras, an arrest report said. Nearby officers ran to the rescue and pulled her out of the hot auto just in time-outside temperatures were in the low 90s with a heat index of 110 degrees, and she was reportedly "drenched in sweat" when they found her.

A jail staff member patrolling the parking lot spotted the child, who deputies said was sweating heavily inside.

A neighbor of Etienne told FOX35 Orlando she had previously warned Etienne about leaving her daughter in a auto.

Authorities said Etienne was arrested and charged with neglect of a child. Authorities said she appeared remorseful. She was booked into the jail on an aggravated child abuse charge. They say the girl was in the vehicle, which was not running, and the windows were only slightly cracked. They then tracked down Etienne who was inside visiting an inmate.

Fox 35 reports that 21-year-old Rachel Etienne left her two-year-old daughter in the vehicle with the engine off as she visited a prisoner in the Orange County Jail.

The Department of Children and Families turned the child over to custody of a family member.

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