Published: Tue, October 17, 2017
Research | By Raquel Erickson

Xbox Fall Update Brings New Home Screen, Data Transfer Options

Xbox Fall Update Brings New Home Screen, Data Transfer Options

After months of testing with Xbox Insiders, Microsoft today officially announced that the Fall Update for the Xbox One is available for everyone to download. The Xbox UI has changed dramatically since the console first shipped with a Windows 8 based GUI way back in 2012, with its side to side navigation.

The Xbox One Fall Update also brings larger notifications for time-sensitive activities while the console is idle, making them easier to see from further away.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has already launched two batches of Xbox One X pre-orders - which is generally a good sign for the console's marketability. And each time, it's a bit disappointing when we realize that its claims don't quite match our expectations.

Easily discover new things, such as friend activities, leaderboards, LFG posts, tips, quick links to Game Hubs, across both your console and Xbox Live at the top of Home. This is similar, but not exactly the same as the Pins, which have also gotten some tweaks. Players can personalize their Home pages with a new concept called blocks, allowing people to pin whatever they want in blocks of content for easy access.

While accessing separate sections like apps and games feels quicker, actually getting to friends still feels a little buried in this update.

Speaking of the Guide (which is what you get when you press the Xbox button, and not the OneGuide which is where you see TV listings) it has also received some attention. The updated guide will include a brand new action center, which will consist of all the normal settings, along with all the other options like sign-in, profile change, achievements, etc. If you are broadcasting or in an active party, bringing up the Guide will now automatically open up the party or broadcast section by default for faster controls. There's also some more work done on multiplayer, including "Friends in games" letting you know about friends playing the same games, and game invites will appear in the Multiplayer tab of the Guide.

There's several other nice cosmetic changes coming as well. If you want to grab footage for later, GameDVR will support 4K resolution and HDR content captured on the upcoming Xbox One X. Microsoft has also adjusted the screen-dimming feature to help preventing image burn-in. In addition to moving data between consoles via online network transfer, you can now choose to use the bulk option when putting your games and saves on an external hard drive. You can now add "blocks" to your home screen that include your favorite games or friends and services like Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass. When games are climbing from 50 GB to over 100 GB per game, this should save a significant amount of time.

Microsoft has been gradually improving its Xbox One dashboard to make the experience a lot faster to use. Still, the feature will be welcomed.

Some games will already have 4K content readily available for players to download and transfer so that they can be ready when the Xbox one X releases on November 7.

Above: Transferring games to the Xbox One X will be easy.

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