Published: Fri, November 10, 2017
IT | By Lester Massey

Amazon store to pop up in Rochester Hills Whole Foods

Amazon store to pop up in Rochester Hills Whole Foods

Since Amazon bought Whole Foods in August, it's doing things a little differently this Black Friday.

The Seattle-based company says that Whole Foods stores in Chicago; Denver; Rochester Hills, Michigan; Davie, Florida; and Pasadena, California, will open Amazon pop-up stores next week.

Shortly after Amazon acquired Whole Foods, Amazon devices such as the Echo started popping up for sale alongside the artisan quinoa and Kambucha at the grocery chain.

As the Amazon family of companies continues to grow, the retailer may be pivoting structures to a larger, umbrella-like business model, according to a recent Wall Street Journal Report.

Whole Foods and Amazon said they planned to promote several of the devices at $20 to $30 off, starting Thanksgiving week.

Amazon has its own online Black Friday plans but it hasn't announced specific deals yet.

But these Pop-Ups will do more than sell devices.

The Journal further reported that "analysts, investors and rivals are closely watching Amazon's efforts in rapid-delivery and physical retail, and in particular how it integrates Whole Foods".

"The goal", reported the WSJ is to "ease changes across those platforms as Amazon tries to reinvent the way consumers shop in stores".

As such, with deals season about to go into full Black Friday overdrive, Amazon is getting ready to slash the prices of its own-brand gear in Whole Foods stores.

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