Published: Tue, November 14, 2017
Entertaiment | By Paul Elliott

Ben Affleck Stars in Hilarious New Superhero Trailer Directed by JJ Abrams

Ben Affleck Stars in Hilarious New Superhero Trailer Directed by JJ Abrams

Abrams recruited Ben Affleck, Jennifer Aniston, Ty Burrell, Shaquille O'Neal, Will Arnett, Wanda Sykes, Billy Crudup, Zach Galifianakis, Jon Hamm, Jason Bateman, and Matt Damon to limn such superheroes as Color Kid, Muscle Man, Lucky Lad, and Super Duck (Galifianakis in his fowl costume declared: "Release the Quacken"). Damon pokes fun at the inherent crappiness of the characters, saying, "We all suck". "'But that ugly bozo is still a god.' Jimmy, you don't have hepatitis".

While Kimmel is used to having celebrities read the internet's harshest disses about themselves, this time stars, including Kim Kardashian West, Stephen Colbert and Jennifer Lawrence, repeated tweets about the birthday boy. "We were created by a weird, sad kid who grew to later become a weird, fat man". Now you're just a hairy potato. But Kim Kardashian got way more personal, reciting a zinger that now-husband Kanye West fired at Kimmel during their 2013 feud.

In a reverse move, Kimmel's favorite stars read frightful tweets about the late night host. "OH NO THAT MEANS YOU WOULD HAVE GOTTEN TOO MUCH GOOD P**Y IN YOUR LIFE", she read aloud, before adding, "Fair point, Kanye".

The twist on the segment was their way of celebrating Kimmel's 50th birthday.

"Jimmy's infatuation with David Letterman was boundless and borderline psychotic", Clooney said as he attempted to detail the host's road to stardom.

Jimmy Kimmel Edition segment begins with Romano himself, reading a tweet saying, "Jimmy Kimmell needs a kick to his d-k hole".

"Hello, I'm George Clooney", the two-time Oscar victor began.

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