Published: Mon, November 13, 2017
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Call of Duty: WWII Kills Dedicated Servers, Cuts XP in Half

Call of Duty: WWII Kills Dedicated Servers, Cuts XP in Half

Developers Sledgehammer Games have acknowledged various issues in a new blog post and outlined some measures to deal with them, along with a reaffirmed commitment to PC players. As a result, the developers migrated online play to peer-to-peer (P2P) servers in an effort to provide a more stable experience.

There are no more Call of Duty: WWII dedicates servers and the XP earn rate is cut in half. We've begun to test dedicated servers today in the US.

In his review, James reckoned Call of Duty: WW2's solo campaign failed to do history justice, but that its multiplayer "recalls the glory days of Modern Warfare". "Our objective to return to dedicated servers is our highest priority", said Sledgehammer.

"This weekend we rolled out various test solutions in limited markets in order to fully analyze real-world conditions without risking disruption".

On Activision's support site, it lists the PS4 version as having an "outage" with the message, "We're now experiencing connectivity issues". Testing for data-gathering and diagnostic purposes is underway in the USA now. This affected server performance across the board and Sledgehammer is well aware of the problem.

As far as the social space known as Headquarters is concerned, it hasn't been working as intended by any means since it was unveiled.

"We're proud to pay tribute to these incredible heroes and want to invite the entire gaming community to celebrate their heroism and living memories".

Checking now, error code #65568 shows up for me and the usual:The Call of Duty: WWII service is unavailable at this time. But we get it, headquarters is best enjoyed with a thriving, fully populated social community interacting together.

"This is only the beginning, so thank you for playing", Sledgehammer added. "So hang in there while we address the most pressing concerns first", said Sledgehammer.

We're seeing a new Call of Duty, or rather a return to a more classic Call of Duty game and while things could change with updates, if you are hooked on this game, buy the Season Pass now.

The PC title update is also ready, but it'll take a bit longer before it's released so that they can work through the other issues first.

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