Published: Tue, November 21, 2017
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Christmas tree for Minnesota governor's residence harvested

Christmas tree for Minnesota governor's residence harvested

"They said we don't have no trees for you", Pete Elliot said.

The South Carolina Christmas Tree Association lists about 40 farms in the state.

Sales tend to peak on weekends, with almost 90% of tree sales occurring by the second weekend in December.

According to a report from GWD Forestry, the shortage of popular-sized trees could last until 2025. Owner Jessie Huntley says despite a drier year their trees are in good shape. "We're very pleased to name them as our top choice for buying Christmas Trees online in 2017". The Umatilla Volunteer Firefighter's Association and the Hermiston Kiwanis Club have announced plans to sell trees.

"A lot of people have no idea how tall their ceiling is, and when you imagine a tree in a certain space, it's easy to get over-ambitious as to what you can fit in there", he says.

One major issue in the aftermath of two such critical events such as drought and wildfire is how to aid the recovery of the trees, which will be stressed and thirsty. The planter is pulled behind a tractor with a person sitting on the planter.

And once Christmas is over, you can then plant your tree in your yard. This spring, we planted 1,500 trees. "I was one of those farmers that said, "No, it can't be happening to me" and I ignored it for three days". Permits for trees on U.S. Forest Service-administered land can be obtained at your local Forest Service office and at some BLM offices. Woah, I might have to get out of this business.

Evergreen Farm is located at 9930 Lizelia Road.

"We were the largest choose-and-cut tree farm in the area with 140 acres. If we would not have sold, the future would have been never selling because who is going to buy a farm in the middle of a sand mine?"

Sanchez is cutting back on the number of lots he has.

It takes trees about six to 10 years to grow. If you don't make picking out your Christmas tree part of your Black Friday weekend shopping this year, you might not end up with one at all. To keep his business going in the meantime, Hartung has had to get creative.

Chesley admitted that talking about the process might take away a little bit of the "magic" around Christmas, but he's proud of the city's efforts to bring the holiday to the city.

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