Published: Tue, November 14, 2017
Sport | By Wilson Duncan

Conor McGregor shoves referee after jumping into ring at Bellator 187

Conor McGregor shoves referee after jumping into ring at Bellator 187

McGregor was filmed pushing referee Marc Goddard and striking a Bellator employee after his SBG teammate Charlie Ward scored a first round TKO win over compatriot John Redmond in the Three Arena last Friday. "So, I do commend the UFC to some extent for doing that", Mazzulli said, later confirming that UFC officials told him McGregor had been scheduled to fight at UFC 219 on December 30, despite public perception being quite different.

The tweet was only up for about a minute before he swiftly deleted it. "If Mr. McGregor was licensed at Mohegan and he did this at another commission overseas, I would suspend him indefinitely, and I would require for him to come to a hearing and explain himself".

Mike Mazzulli, president of the ABC, who was the lead regulator at Bellator event, said after the bout that he would talk with the UFC and boxing commissions in a bid to punish McGregor as doing so personally was out of his jurisdiction.

"They did inform me that he was set to be on the December 30th card and he will not be on it", Mazzulli added.

An aging Floyd Mayweather got some licks in against Conor McGregor in August, and now his former rival is angling for a shot at the MMA star in the ring, too.

McGregor is not licenced with the MTDAR but they are exploring whether or not they can take action against the Dubliner.

"I'm going to go out on a limb and say UFC is going to sanction him".

"So, when you're seeing someone that you're that close with, with two bad defeats and then has a great victory in front of his hometown crowd...he got a bit emotional, jumped in and he didn't realize that the fight had not actually been called".

Mazzulli said he is speaking to his attorneys upon returning to the figure out what type of discipline he intends to carry out for McGregor's actions. "They already did", Mazzulli said. "Everyone knows that. So I commend UFC and think more promoters should be proactive in something like this and have a stance".

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