Published: Mon, November 13, 2017
IT | By Lester Massey

EA Promises Changes In Response To 'Star Wars Battlefront II' Controversy

EA insists its "intent" is to reward players with a sense of pride for unlocking key heroes. Players looking to get into the game earlier can do so with the Star Wars Battlefront II: Elite Trooper Deluxe Edition starting on November 14. During the pre-release trial period, "Star Wars Battlefront II" players learned that it would take around 40 hours of gameplay just to unlock Luke Skywalker and another 40 hours to unlock Darth Vader.

More fuel was poured on the fire when Mat Everett, the game's community manager, published a Tweet where he complained about "armchair developers on the internet". Changes to the way hero characters are unlocked have gamers pretty upset, though.

At the heart of this outrage, beyond "Star Wars Battlefront 2", is the ongoing debate over how games handle microtransactions.

While as fictional as it could be, the trailer certainly does well in conveying the Star Wars atmosphere. But the analysis found that multiplayer matches awarded, on average, 250 credits per 10 minutes of play.

The game finally represents every era of Star Wars, and whether you're fighting on the treetops of Kashyyyk or the icy corridors of Starkiller Base, its environments are absolutely breathtaking.

In "Battlefront 2", you buy the game for $60 and are offered the option of buying "loot crates".

All heroes can be played in the games offline Arcade Mode and certain heroes will unlock automatically - but to have access to more than half the roster of Star Wars heroes and villains, players must spend in-game credits, which are unlocked by playing the game.

In another post, EA stated that it chose the cost (for unlocking Heroes) based on the data it received from the Open Beta phase. The publisher went as far as claiming that it also considered the daily average per-player credit earn rates. "I paid $80 to have Vader locked?" did not help matters.

Essentially, "When and how is it okay to handle charging players money in games?" The entire thread is more or less rage at the amount of grind that players need to put in unlock new content. The post from the Battlefront II developers has been met with, if possible, even more hate and disdain than the progression problem itself. "Locking iconic characters behind credit walls that will take dozens of hours to get one is just insane, especially when I am willing to bet you have tons of heroes planned which will be behind similar paywalls?" For comparison, the previous comment for most downvotes on Reddit only had around -24,000. There's a wide range in there between "a sense of pride and accomplishment", a cakewalk, and the absurd amount of play now required, especially considering that some of the current locked characters (not to mention future additions) are exactly the ones you'd buy a Star Wars game to play.

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