Published: Thu, November 09, 2017
Research | By Raquel Erickson

Google Chrome To Be Updated To Fight Better Against Unscrupulous Ads!

Google Chrome To Be Updated To Fight Better Against Unscrupulous Ads!

This change will happen with the rollout of Chrome 64, which is still in early beta, later this year.

The redirect ads are basically circumvent pop-ups on your browser done by third party advertisers by blocking or going around the firewall.

Fortunately, Google will soon be addressing the matter on three different levels. Firstly, the search giant will put a stop on ads that automatically navigate users to a new page for the sake of paid content. Also, this feature is still in development, so it may not block all types of redirects at this time. Notably, this will not impact the experience if the users had interacted with the redirected frame.

Earlier today, Google formally announced a feature that would keep rogue advertisements from taking over the browser and redirecting you to another page.

The company said the feature would go live in Chrome 64, which is now in the Canary and Dev channels, and not expected to be completed until January 2018. The company is calling this type of behaviour as a "circumvention of Chrome's pop-up blocker" and is planning to add its prevention in Chrome 65. Chrome will detect this behavior, trigger an infobar, and prevent the main tab from being redirected so users can continue to their intended destination.

"These include links to third-party websites disguised as play buttons or other site controls, or transparent overlays on websites that capture all clicks and open new tabs or windows", he said.

The new protective features will definitely improve the web browsing experience for users.

There are numerous user reports on Chrome's forum which point out that the browser sometimes malfunctions and doesn't want to update even though the version is out of date. Chrome also will block more intrusive ads next year, though it won't stop trackers that monitor how you use the web and stops well short of the fearless browser that blocks all ads by default. After that, a single restart of your Chrome browser will protect you from website redirects to some extent. Some updates will fail which forces Chrome users to uninstall and install the browser.

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