Published: Thu, November 02, 2017
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Gordon Hayward My Mom's Reaction Killed Me ... on Night of Ugly Injury

Gordon Hayward My Mom's Reaction Killed Me ... on Night of Ugly Injury

"I felt like I put in so much work to get ready for this season". "I love to play the game of basketball, so to sit there and not be able to play, it gets kind of frustrating". "And this is where it makes me emotional, because I wouldn't want (my children) Bernie or Charlie to go through that".

"And then after that it kind of settled". They know I'm home a little more and daddy has a boo boo. Am I going to be able to come back? He teared up in an interview with Good Morning America before his press conference talking about how hard it was for his parents to see his injury, and how he wouldn't want his girls to ever go through something like that.

Hayward emphasized that while he has a grueling road ahead physically, with his rehab, he also has battled the mental strain of his injury. "He wants to include me still and wants to make sure that I'm still a part of this team and I'm still helping the team, so he's going to have different things for me to do and different ways that I can help".

"There were probably 20 people there but he was one who made sure to carry me up". "That's just the type of person that he is". He's one of the big reasons why I came here and I've said that. As good as a basketball coach he is, he's a good human being and a great person.

Hayward moved from Utah Jazz in the summer to join the Celtics, where he and his team were expected to challenge the Cavaliers for the Eastern Conference title.

"I got a chance to talk to them yesterday for a little bit", said Hayward. "That will remain with me forever to look down and see my foot the wrong way". All of them were wishing me well and praying for me, I think.

As far as Hayward's future, he says he will not put a timetable on a potential return date. The doctors guarantee he'll make a full recovery, which has lifted his spirits as well.

On shooting from a chair: "Shooting out of a chair is a little bit different than shooting standing up". "Those hours seemed like they lasted forever because you're just sitting there, you're bored, and you can't do much. It's pretty short", Hayward said. I know I talked to Kyrie [Irving] and a bunch of my team-mates and coaches. And so they like to decorate it with stickers, they like to give it a hug and kiss because that's what we do when they get boo-boos.

"Getting me onto the plane wasn't easy". But, I think they're good for the recovery process because it allows me to have a support system and something to smile about. "It's hard not to -- especially when you watch the games", he told reporters. But Hayward was hurt in the first six minutes of the opener. It's going to be really important for my mental health to stay involved, still be a part of the team. Part of that is film study. As a parent, I would rather take their pain.

Over the upcoming months, Hayward will continue to rehab, help his teammates from the sidelines, and improve his game to the best of his ability. Nobody thought that he'd be coming back this season.

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