Published: Tue, November 14, 2017
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Jacqui Lambie to resign after dual citizenship confirmed

Jacqui Lambie to resign after dual citizenship confirmed

Senator Lambie is the eighth MP forced out of politics since the citizenship saga engulfed the parliament in July.

"If I am a dual citizen I will resign".

The outspoken parliamentarian at the time insisted her affairs were in order, and that she was "satisfied" there was no concern over her citizenship status.

The Turnbull Government is now facing two by-elections in the Lower House: one for Mr Joyce in New England, and another for John Alexander in Bennelong, who has also quit over a latent dual citizenship.

An emotional Lambie said she had spent the last week going through her documents with her father and couldn't find evidence he had renounced.

Questions over the former Palmer United Party Senator follow the High Court giving five dual citizens the boot from Federal Parliament, including Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, last month.

The resignation comes a week after she expressed confidence there was no issue with her citizenship.

She said she will re-contest her seat at the next election.

Senator Lambie is not expected to comment publicly on her citizenship status today and has moved to dismiss speculation she could resign, but reportedly said that if she was found to be a dual citizen that "Tasmanians will be the first to know".

Australian Conservatives leader Cory Bernardi hinted another Senate colleague could be in breach of the constitution.

As with the other recently disqualified senators, Senator Lambie's position would normally go to the next person on her Jacqui Lambie Network ticket in the 2016 election, following a recount.

She is now the second Tasmanian senator to force a recount and replacement process, after the departure of Parry.

Lambie is the fifth Senator to resign over Section 44. If it is black and white there is no need to take it to the High Court, as simple as that, ' Senator Lambie told The Mercury newspaper.

Rural Health Tasmania's annual report for 2017 said it received funding from several federal government programs run by the departments of health and social services.

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