Published: Fri, November 10, 2017
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Lewis Hamilton bids for Brazilian glory amid tax storm

Lewis Hamilton bids for Brazilian glory amid tax storm

Lewis Hamilton has refused to comment on criticism of his tax affairs and says he is exclusively focused on winning Sunday's Brazilian Grand Prix.

Attention among fans and observers quickly turned to debating Hamilton's chances of matching five-time victor Alain Prost or Michael Schumacher, who holds the record with seven F1 titles.

"It feels like the first time".

Hamilton, who secured the title with two races to go, again avoided more questions about his involvement in the Paradise Papers and his £3.3million tax bill for his private jet, celebrated winning the championship by taking his friends and family on holiday in the Caribbean. "I don't know why, but it feels so fresh and so new, it feels great". His Mercedes team have stated that the matter is in the hands of his lawyers and he would make no further comment.

Facing the media for the first time since he was named in the Paradise Papers, Hamilton did not explain his side, telling Sky Sports: "My team have released a statement and l don't have anything to add to that". This year, however, Hamilton has no intention of losing focus.

And, despite arriving in Brazil suffering from a runny nose after climbing the Inca trails in Machu Picchu, says he will not be taking it easy with the season coming to a close.

"Starting next year with the people I know it's going to be quite different and I just need to go for it and learn from all the hard times this year".

"I am still a racing driver by heart and still have lots of fights in me", he said.

"The championship doesn't really change anything except that you have the number four next to your name". "But I still have two races".

Mercedes have said they intend to use this race and the finale in Abu Dhabi as opportunities to test new concepts for next season but Hamilton is eager to keep the upper hand over his rival Sebastian Vettel. "I'm still in the same mental frame of mind with two races to go and it feels abnormal to back off now".

Hamilton said his mobile phone had been swamped with some 300 congratulatory messages since he became the most successful British driver of all time.

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