Published: Sun, November 12, 2017
Research | By Raquel Erickson

New Renders Envision 2018 iPad Pro with Face ID

New Renders Envision 2018 iPad Pro with Face ID

Apple tried to inspire confidence in Face ID through a technical white paper released in late September. But it looks like an equally big change will come in the iPad tablet series that will adopt some of the technologies that debuted on the iPhone X as well as the new "no-edge" design.

Apple isn't the first company to attempt face recognition in a smartphone.

It now appears all that work has been in vain, as Vietnamese security company Bkav has demonstrated that a simple (or somewhat complex) mask is able to fool Face ID in unlocking without the user being present.

Apple said that it worked with professional mask makers and make-up artists to ensure that Face ID could not be tricked by masks.

Security firm Bkav went to the trouble of creating a mask composed of a 3D-printed frame a silicon nose and some "special processing". The price of this mask is approx Dollars 150. Instead of making a realistic mask, the security firm crafted an elaborate mask with the sole goal of beating Face ID and the iPhone X's depth mapping technology.

With its new flagship iPhone X, Apple has touted just secure the device's Face ID technology is, and for the most part it's been a hit, with relatively few reports of the system not working properly or letting the wrong person unlock the phone.

However, the security firm feels that as a biometric security tool, Face ID relies too much on artificial intelligence, and that fingerprint scanners are much closer to foolproof.

Bkav admitted that its discovery is not a concern for regular users, but rather for public figures such as politicians and celebrities. For any further need, you can take notes.

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