Published: Sat, November 11, 2017
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Oklahoma Thief Drives Stolen Pickup Truck Into Pond After High-Speed Chase

Oklahoma Thief Drives Stolen Pickup Truck Into Pond After High-Speed Chase

The man identified himself as the suspect in the chase, yelling, "I'm in a high-speed chase, bro!" out the window at another person. He also drove through fields to escape officers.

Police were in hot pursuit of a stolen pickup truck Friday in Oklahoma.

Cameras caught the action as the truck cut through parking lots, squeezed through gates and came just feet from oncoming traffic. The suspect was able to log into Facebook Live to apologize, ask for an attorney and to see how far he could go.

"Grandma, I love you", he said.

He stopped at one point to pull the tool box out of the back of the truck.

Local news reports say the truck was stolen from Jones' driveway a week ago.

And several times, officers had their guns trained on the suspect but didn't shoot.

"I thank god nobody got killed", says truck owner Shane Jones.

A stranger even tried to stop him, but police finally got the upper hand when the driver flew backward into a pond.

Friday morning, Jones's husband was in Oklahoma City for a dentist appointment and said he saw the pickup and the driver when the driver took off near Agnew and Pennsylvania and called 911. He revved his tires to try to get out, then jumped out and started running.

The driver then led police onto eastbound I-240 before getting off at Air Depot and driving through a field and popping out onto S. Sooner Road and then winding his way through Moore.

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