Published: Tue, November 14, 2017
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Police identify 4 killed in Detroit-area crash

Police identify 4 killed in Detroit-area crash

The dead have been identified as driver Doreal Rogers, 20; front-seat passenger Alesia Maddox, 20; and Armonie Maddox and Ervin Johnson, both 18, who were in the back.

WDIV, the NBC affiliate in Detroit, reports that the crash happened around 1 a.m. on eastbound I-94 near 8 Mile Road in St. Clair Shores, northeast of Detroit.

Police said the young child was buckled into the vehicle seat, and only suffered minor injuries.

Police say a 2-year-old child who was buckled in a auto safety seat is the only survivor of a freeway crash in suburban Detroit that killed four other people.

Five people were in a Buick SUV when the driver lost control and hit the bridge. Her front seat passenger was Alesia Maddox, 20, also of Detroit.

Alesia's son, Josiah, was safe in the backseat but her brother, 18-year-old Armonie Maddox and cousin 18-year-old Ervin Johnson, were ejected from the vehicle and killed.

Police say that the 2006 Buick SUV was traveling in the left lane and passing other vehicles at a high speed when the driver lost control, crossed three lanes of traffic and slammed into a bridge at 1 a.m. on November 13.

Shaw said Armonie and Alesia are brother and sister. "That was the only thing that probably. saved the baby".

The boy was taken to a hospital for minor injuries and is set to be released to the care of his remaining family.

Four people died after an SUV crashed on the I-94 in MI, but police say a toddler walked away with only minor injuries.

State police said "no evidence of alcohol or narcotics" emerged in the investigation.

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