Published: Thu, November 09, 2017
Research | By Raquel Erickson

Raja Koduri joins in the Intel graphics department

Raja Koduri joins in the Intel graphics department

This change of jobs is the kind that will raise some eyebrows.

Intel is forming a new Core and Visual Computing Group that Koduri will be leading, with the stated intent being to unify the company's efforts with graphics chips across its full range of products.

Those aside, it'll be interesting to see what the Intel Core and Visual Computing Group will come up with in the coming years. That's a direct challenge to Nvidia, but it must sting for Intel to have to use AMD's tech to make it a reality.

As reported earlier, Intel aims to build a mobile processor that takes up half the space that current configurations do, pointing to a complete SoC integrating HBM2 (high-bandwidth memory), the CPU, and GPU.

The news comes two days after Intel and AMD announced a landmark collaboration to create a product that will put an Intel x86 in the same package as an AMD GPU.

The creation of the Radeon Technologies Group has pushed AMD's GPU business in the right direction and the software/driver part of the RTG had a couple of big wins with the ReLive driver and general driver stability.

Intel has long made chips that combine graphics and processing together. However it's very notable that Intel is calling these "graphics solutions", so it's clear that this isn't just another move by Intel to develop a compute-only processor ala the Xeon Phi. Will the presence of a third player in the high-end graphics market affect Radeon and Nvidia?

But under Koduri's leadership, Intel will now shoot for the high-end graphics market as well. "He also leads differentiated IP across computing, graphics, media, imaging and machine intelligence capabilities for the client and data centre segments, artificial intelligence, and emerging opportunities like edge computing".

Intel has confirmed that the previous AMD Radeon Head Raja Koduri has indeed jumped ship. Aside from AMD, Intel will also be competing with Nvidia, which has had considerable success over the past few years both on the PC graphics side and in the fields of AI, autonomous driving, and visual computing.

For all its silicon expertise and billions of dollars invested in research, Intel has never been a leader in graphics, though the company is now hoping to correct that situation by snapping up AMD's graphics chief. 'I am incredibly excited to join the Intel team and have the opportunity to drive a unified architecture vision across its world-leading IP portfolio that helps accelerate the data revolution. Intel stated that Koduri will official begin his role at Intel from December onwards.

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