Published: Mon, November 13, 2017
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Recovered deleted video leads to new charges

Recovered deleted video leads to new charges

Deleted surveillance video from inside a Penn State fraternity house recovered by prosecutors has led to new charges.

Centre County District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller said the new charges came after they recovered deleted security camera footage taken inside a Penn State fraternity house. Before the fall, Piazza had been forced to consume at least 18 drinks in less than an hour and a half, according to prosecutors.

After State College Police further examined one of the DVR surveillance boxes, police say they uncovered evidence that the basement camera footage had been manually deleted as police were ready to seize the recording equipment.

"And with these individuals who are charged with voluntary manslaughter, that should signify to you that they in fact not only served, if they have multiple counts, not only one minor, they in fact served Tim Piazza as he was getting more and more intoxicated in the basement", said Miller.

A judge in September tossed out the most serious charges, including involuntary manslaughter and aggravated assault, against eight of the former members.

The Centre County District Attorney isn't holding back.

Piazza was 19 in February when he died after a party for students who had accepted bids to join the school's Beta Theta Pi chapter.

"Guess what, guys. Now we know", Piazza said.

Authorities will be releasing new information into the hazing death at Penn State during a news conference this afternoon. I can't imagine if there was evidence of hazing the DA didn't have it when she brought the initial charge. Several of those men now face new criminal charges, as well.

He added, "Sometimes tragedies just occur, and they're not crimes".

Piazza's parents, Jim and Evelyn, had spoken out vigorously before the hearing about the manner in which their son died, saying the fraternity brothers had treated their son like "roadkill". "We know exactly the time it was deleted and the police were indeed in the house". Instead he was killed at the hands of those he was seeking friendship from. "The visions of him lying in the hospital bed, battered and bruised and on life-support, looking as if he got hit by a tractor-trailer made no sense".

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