Published: Tue, November 14, 2017
Finance | By Loren Pratt

Robbers dig tunnel to break into Mumbai bank

Robbers dig tunnel to break into Mumbai bank

Navi Mumbai: Juhinagar branch of Bank of Baroda in Navi Mumbai was on the target of bank robbers, who performed their activities on the lines of a British Hollywood film, "The Bank Job'". The perpetrators, who dug a 25-foot tunnel to breach the bank's security, allegedly got away with cash and valuables worth around Rs 6 crore.

In a heinous act, a group of robbers dug a 50-feet tunnel to break the wall of the Bank of Baroda's branch in Juninagar area of Navi Mumbai.

Much-like a heist in a thriller flick, the theft came to light when those employed at the Sanpada branch arrived for work on Monday and much to their shock the vaults were found open.

Hemant Nagrale Navi Mumbai Police Commissioner said in a brief statement that 30 of the bank lockers had been broken, out of two hundred twenty five, total available with the bank.

The masterminds of the operation had rented a grocery store three shops next to the bank in June this year. They also spotted a tunnel in the room, which led to the adjacent shop.

The bank has 225 lockers, and the robbers broke into 30 of them, PTI quoted a senior police officer as saying. After that a horizontal tunnel of around 30 feet with a height of around four and half feet was dug till the bank locker room which was linked to another tunnel going up.

"The culprits made a tunnel from the adjacent gaala [shop] and entered the locker room". The bank had called all its customers to following the robbery for assessment of the robbery.

Around 10 police teams are working on the case. In most other cases, bank locker facilities are said to be "unavailable" for regular customers. "I came to keep a mangalsutra in the bank, and found that my locker was broken into".

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