Published: Mon, November 13, 2017
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

South Korea and China will peacefully solve the DPRK issue

The country's joint chiefs of staff (JCS) announced Friday that South Korea will send seven of its warships-including two Aegis Combat System-equipped vessels, one destroyer and four frigates-to join three USA aircraft carriers deployed in the Western Pacific that will perform their first joint drill in a decade.

During the meeting on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Economic Leaders' Meeting, Xi reiterated China's stance on the issue of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD).

Signs have been detected that North Korea's military is preparing for winter drills that will begin in December, according to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Also on Saturday, the US and South Korean navies launched four days of joint drills off the east coast of South Korea.

"The exercise is aimed at enhancing deterrence against North Korea's nuclear and missile threats and showing off preparedness to fend off any provocative acts by the North", a South Korean defence ministry spokesman said.

The exercises will also involve 11 U.S. Aegis ships and seven South Korean naval vessels, including two Aegis ships.

North Korea has dominated Trump's trip, which has so far swept in Japan, South Korea, China and Vietnam. The Aegis technology refers to missile tracking and guidance.

In a speech to the South Korean parliament on Wednesday, Trump warned Pyongyang not to underestimate the United States, while offering leader Kim Jong-Un a better future if he gives up his nuclear ambitions. The U.S. carriers will also participate in separate exercises with Japan.

It's the first time since 2007 that three United States carrier strike groups have operated together in the Western Pacific.

Amid the USA military shows of strength, North Korea vowed Saturday to defend its "sovereignty and rights to existence and development by keeping a real balance of force with the U.S".

He further said that it is nothing but a business trip by a warmonger to enrich the monopolies of the U.S. defense industry by milking the moneybags from its subordinate "allies".

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