Published: Tue, November 14, 2017
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Top 10 healthy food items that regulate blood sugar

Top 10 healthy food items that regulate blood sugar

Diabetes is where the body can not properly use insulin, causing blood sugar levels to riseWho is at risk from type 2 diabetes? And this is not the only concern that the disease has in the offering, the fact that its prevalence is rapidly escalating among youths is an added burden on entire healthcare and economy.

Type-2 diabetes that normally afflicts older adults is striking young Indians and it's striking them harder. "The risk of complications for younger persons with type-2 diabetes is twofold to threefold higher than type-1 diabetes", says Dr Nikhil Tandon, professor and head of endocrinology and metabolism, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, which is partnering in the registry.

The distinction lies in what is causing the lack of insulin - often described as the key, that allows glucose to unlock the door to the cells.

For the survey conducted in partnership with market research firm Kantar IMRB, over 1,000 women, belonging to the age group of 18-65 years were interviewed to draw insights on the level of awareness on risks emerging from diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes is always controlled using an insulin injection or pump, whereas few cases of type 2 require insulinWhat is type 1 diabetes? Some people don't find out they have it until they get problems from long-term damage caused by the disease.

The first partnership activity, available now on the IDF's School of Diabetes website, is a CME accredited, IDF-certified healthcare professional (HCP) course about prevention of type 2 diabetes developed with an educational grant from Merck, which enables unlimited access for HCPs globally.

One well-known sufferer of Type 1 diabetes is Prime Minister Theresa May. Although temporary, there is an increased risk of developing diabetes in later years, for both mother and child. You depend on that insulin and you just build that routine into your daily life. Eating lots of fruit, vegetables and whole grains is recommended, as it plenty of exercise to keep levels down.

The commemoration of the World Diabetes Month 2017 was launched at Big Ada, in the Greater Accra Region with over 34,000 people tested. These initiatives included: the development of a Non-communicable Diseases Policy and Strategic Plan, and the intensification of public health education on diabetes.

This year, the International Diabetes Federation decides to focus on the needs of diabetic women. Costs can range upwards to 200GHC/week for diabetic medication, far above the wage of the average Ghanaian.

It is however comforting to know that efforts to deal with this disease has not been left as the sole responsibility of the government.

"The War on Diabetes is a whole-of-nation, whole-of-society effort".

Diagnosis is often late and disease management is poor, which leads to people landing up with complications in a hospital emergency.

Model Danielle Lloyd has told how she suffered from the condition while pregnant with her fourth child and was told to have bed rest.

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