Published: Tue, November 14, 2017
Entertaiment | By Paul Elliott

Triple H to Face Jinder Mahal in India?

Triple H to Face Jinder Mahal in India?

Those are the questions that Triple H posed on Twitter when he issued a challenge for a match against Mahal when WWE goes on tour there in December.

It appears that's Triple H will face Jinder Mahal at the WWE Live Event in New Delhi on December 9th. Replying to Triple H's tweet, the former WWE champion agreed to wrestle "the game" in front of the Indian crowd. Mahal is working the shows along with the Singh Brothers because they are of Indian descent even though they are Smackdown wrestlers. With Mahal's six-month title reign coming to an end, The King of Kings had tweeted a video asking fans if they want to see him compete in India. Whether Owens will still be on the tour (and who Mahal will be facing on the 8th if he isn't) hasn't been announced yet.

Here is the challenge tweet from Triple H in which he called it the "Biggest Match in India's History".

"I'm honoured that you considered me as an opponent in India, in New Delhi". Triple H doesn't put on his wrestling boots very often and only challenges people that he thinks is worthy. So Delhi walo? Dasso yeh match dekhna chahte hoh aap? Triple H is a match we have not seen before. But, it won't be against just anybody.

Whether or not WWE is planning a full-fledged invasion of the blue brand to match what happened to the flagship show is still up in the air at this time.

"@TripleH not only the biggest match in Indian History, but also of my career". The assumption has been that Mahal will work as a babyface in India, and he could have honestly been a more convincing babyface in America, given that the heel material he was handed seemed outdated.

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