Published: Thu, November 09, 2017
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USA has 'frank' exchange on South China Sea during Trump visit

USA has 'frank' exchange on South China Sea during Trump visit

The American leader is staying in China for two nights as one part of lengthy tour of Asia.

The officials reaffirmed North Korea's commitment to building nuclear weapons, bringing up the US's "nuclear aircraft carriers and strategic bombers" before promising to "counter those threats by bolstering the power of justice in order to take out the root cause of aggression and war".

And while USA officials downplayed the significance of the remark, it nevertheless laid bare the lengths to which Trump is prioritizing his personal chemistry with his counterparts here as he seeks to advance an agenda of isolating North Korea and brokering new trade deals.

Though China has backed United Nations sanctions, USA officials want Chinese authorities to clamp down on unauthorized trade along the North Korean border.

Local business leaders were unable to arrange a separate meeting with Trump and have been anxious that rising protectionism in the world's No. 1 economy will adversely affect trade going forward.

Trump and Xi did not take questions during an event during Trump's visit to the country, The Associated Press reported.

To applause, Trump said: "I give China great credit". "We don't care about what that mad dog may utter because we've already heard enough", they said.

Xi also asked the United States to continue to abide by the one-China policy, which rules out diplomatic recognition for Taiwan.

"But I don't blame China", Trump said Thursday, "after all, who can blame a country for taking advantage of another country for the benefit of its citizens". One of the biggest under negotiation would see China Petroleum & Chemical Corp. invest billions of dollars to create thousands of jobs in hurricane-hit areas of Texas and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

In his speech, Mr Trump had described the trading relationship between the two countries as "very one-sided" and "unfair".

In the past, Duterte has repeatedly said he will raise the sea dispute at the proper time and avoided the issue when Manila hosted two regional meetings this year.

Now in Taiwan, many are anxious about Trump's plans.

"This speech made the "axis of evil" speech look friendly", John Delury, a professor of global relations at Yonsei University in Seoul, said to my colleague Anna Fifield, referring to President George W. Bush's infamous 2002 State of the Union speech. "He is known for his transactional style of policymaking".

While in South Korea, Mr Trump had offered North Koreans a "path towards a much better future", having urged the regime to "come to the table" and "make a deal" over its nuclear programme. Trump last week called the U.S.'s $347 billion trade deficit with China "embarrassing".

One way to address that would be for Taiwan to boost its defense spending, which is considered low by USA officials.

However, beyond the glitzy outpouring of cash at the ready, analysts doused cold water on suggestions that China was going to radically restructure its state-led economy to allow US firms entry into closed markets.

Tillerson also acknowledged that there were differences "tactics and the timing and how far to go with pressure" on North Korea.

"Trump has no right to talk about human rights", Ri said, as the government minders translated for her.

On the former, Trump appears to have laid down his cards.

Addressing business leaders in Beijing's Mao-era Great Hall of the People Thursday, U.S. President Donald Trump said that his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping can "easily" force North Korea to stop its escalating nuclear and missile tests.

"We are coming off some of the strongest numbers we've ever had, and he knows that and he respects that", Trump said.

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