Published: Thu, November 09, 2017
Finance | By Loren Pratt

VW taps Google's quantum computers to help develop EV batteries

However, with quantum computers, you should be able to use much smaller data sets to reach the same level of accuracy.

For example, VW and Google intend to use quantum computers on traffic optimization - the machine would be able to simultaneously read the traffic patterns and deliver the ideal solutions to keep cars flowing at peak times, while also looking for available parking spaces or electric auto charging stations.

Volkswagen and Google engineers in San Francisco are using quantum computing to attack traffic optimization efforts.

The automaker said it wants to use quantum computers for traffic flow optimization, exploring structures for new materials such as batteries for electric cars, and to develop artificial intelligence that could be used for self-driving vehicles. Specifically, the two companies want to look at using ultrafast quantum computers to manage traffic, develop new materials for cars, and enhance machine learning.

With quantum computing technology, a system can better detect these patterns.

Of course, quantum computing isn't a magic panacea that can deliver all of the above just by flicking a switch, but it can calculate much more efficiently than a tradition computer, which is great for dealing with high volume work like artificial intelligence and running simulations. "Thanks to our cooperation with Google, we have taken a major step towards this goal".

This collaboration will focus on research for practical applications.

The Volkswagen Group is the first automotive company in the world to work intensively on quantum computing technology. They are building on the research project which they have already successfully completed and now want to consider additional variables in addition to reducing travelling times. Not only that, but the technology could also help direct vehicles to open parking spots and EV charging stations. AI research has many uses, and could also be used to develop smarter infrastructure or even new in-vehicle features such as Alexa-like digital assistants.

"Through this partnership, Volkswagen intends to unlock the potential of this technology, and share our learnings to motivate the development of quantum computers and algorithms", he added.

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