Published: Wed, December 06, 2017
Research | By Raquel Erickson

Apple: iOS 11 is now running on 59 percent of devices

Apple: iOS 11 is now running on 59 percent of devices

Apple has released the official watchOS 4.2 update for all Apple Watch models. There have been a number of minor issues raised on Apple discussion boards, as well as disappointment that services such as Apple Pay Cash, which allows payments via text message, were not available at launch. This feature was initially introduced in WWDC 2017, now finally every Apple Watch users can enjoy the same.

What is Apple pay Cash? However, as of now, the feature is restricted to the United States and later on the feature will be made available in the other markets as well. However, Apple Pay cash works only with iOS 11.2 and the users who do not have the latest OS can upgrade to it as it comes free.

They can use the debit and credit cards they already have added to Apple Pay, so there's no need to install an app or create yet another account. They'll still receive the money and they'll get a shiny new Apple Pay Cash card when they accept the terms and conditions. So, if you want to transfer $100, then, Apple will charge $3. Before proceeding with the update, make sure that your Apple Watch is on its charger and is at least 50 percent charged.

The one hard requirement is that both sender and receiver should be on iOS 11.2 on their iPhone or iPad. After this, users will need to launch the Watch app on their iPhone and head to the My Watch tab and then General Software Update. Make sure that you have connected your iPhone or iPad with a faster WiFi to experience uninterrupted update experience.

On Monday, the company launched Apple Pay Cash. To utilize it on an iPhone, for example, a user can open the Messages app, tap the App Store icon, and tap the Apple Pay icon in the dock.

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