Published: Tue, December 05, 2017
IT | By Lester Massey

Beta for Monster Hunter

Beta for Monster Hunter

"Monster Hunter World" is set to be released on January 28, 2018 for the PS4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

Capcom has confirmed a weekend-long beta test for the upcoming Monster Hunter: World, beginning this Saturday the 9th of December (9 am PST) and ending on Tuesday the 12th (9 am PST).

The beta will be available for download starting December 8. In the Ancient Forest, you can hunt a fierce yet beginner-friendly Great Jagras or as a more experienced player confront the mighty threat of an Anjanath.

The game can be downloaded on Friday, December 8th and will take up 5.9GB of storage, but cannot be played until the next day. Then try the Wildspire Waste, where intermediate level mud-slinging Barroth calls home.

The iOS version of the demo will also allow players to go against each other in online battles. With fourteen different weapon types available based on playstyle, which can be changed during quests at camp.

Capcom outlined some of the contents of the Monster Hunter: World beta in a Capcom Unity blog post. Each of the beta's quests can be played alone of with a group of up to three other players, but the PS4 will need to be connected to the internet either way.

Rewards: In addition to an unquantifiable amount of fun, complete each quest and you'll get some useful bonus items in the full game!

Aloy of Horizon Zero Dawn will also be in Monster Hunter: World.

Monster Hunter Stories has already been out on the 3DS for some time now.

As it is always with beta programs, only parts of the game will be accessible, but one thing Capcom promises is that "the satisfaction of tracking and bringing down a giant monster you'll find is all there". Players who equip Aloy's armor set, which can be acquired through a future collaboration event quest, will make their character look exactly like the robot-slaying heroine.

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